Welcome to Lessons Learned

Thank you for investing time to visit lessonslearned.info. This web site provides valuable information on lessons learned (LL) in the context of project management (PM).


This web site was established in response to many requests for my dissertation-related research completed at Western Michigan University (WMU). WMU is considered a center of excellence in Evaluation, and offers a doctorate in Evaluation with a strong emphasis in Measurement and Research. WMU is among the top schools in the discipline of evaluation as defined by the FSP index. This is in part due to the faculty associated with the university, i.e., Applegate, Brinkerhoff, Coryn, Davidson, Guba, Gullickson, Lacefield, Ramseyer, Rodriguez-Campos, Sandberg, Sanders, Scriven, and Stufflebeam (and others).

WMU is recognized as a leader in Evaluation education as a result of research grants, comprehensive curriculum, alumni, partnerships and unique educational venues, i.e., Evaluation Cafe. WMU is also connected to the American Evaluation Association (AEA) and American Educational Research Association (AERA). For more historical information, please click here for the interactive presentation Snapshots in Time.
  • Vision

    People will have access to the necessary tools and techniques to evaluate projects and utilize lessons learne

  • Mission

    Continuous improvement through professionalization of project evaluation and thereby lessons learned, both summatively and formatively.

  • Mission Elements

    • Harmonization: improve the streamlined flow of practical knowledge management
    • Optimism: encourage lessons learned as a necessary and beneficial process
    • System: provide useful templates, checklists, forms, job aids, and utilities
    • Training: offer educational resources to support competency development and capacity building