Project Documentation (PERK)

LL is essentially a sub-project and requires well-designed documentation (templates, forms, checklists and reports) for professional results.

Additionally, visualization must be engaged to create the desired models, diagrams, charts, etc.

These resources are available to subscribers of The provision for distribution is on a project basis and in some cases ala carte.

Project Evaluation Resource Kit (PERK) Optimized for Lessons Learned (LL)
Process Group/ Knowledge Area Item Number Item
InitiatingGINIT01 LL Overview Presentation
PGINIT02 LL Introductory Position Letter
PlanningPGPLAN01LL Workshop Arrangement
PGPLAN02LL Workshop Room Setup
PGPLAN03LL Brainstorming Cards (#1 through #14)
PGPLAN04LL Brainstorming Spreadsheet
PGPLAN05LL Brainstorming Tracker
PGPLAN06LL Lesson Collection Methods
ExecutingPGEXEC01LL Work Breakdown Structure
PGEXEC02LL Repository Management Guidelines
PGEXEC03LL Sharepoint Repository Configuration
PGEXEC04LL File Naming Conventions
PGEXEC05LL Interview Protocol
PGEXEC06LL Stakeholder Survey
PGEXEC07LL Release
PGEXEC08LL Capture Form
Monitoring/ControllingPGMOCO01LL Change Control
PGMOCO02LL Confidentiality Statement
PGMOCO03LL Performance Reporting
ClosingPGCLOS01LL Records Management Policy
PGCLOS02LL Records Retention Procedure
PGCLOS03LL Stakeholder Acceptance
PGCLOS04LL Records Retention Schedule
PGCLOS05LL Records Archive
PGCLOS06LL Impact Assessment: Summative
PGCLOS07LL Process Improvement: Formative
CommunicationKACOMM01LL Project Team Agreement
KACOMM02LL Glossary
KACOMM03LL Stakeholder Style Framework
KACOMM04LL Stakeholder Type Grid
KACOMM05LL Stakeholder Register
KACOMM06LL Project Journal
CostKACOST01LL PM Formula Worksheet
KACOST02LL Cost Calculator
Human ResourcesKAHR01LL Project Team Member Job Description
KAHR02LL Project Team Member Competencies
KAHR03LL Training Evaluation Form
KAHR04LL Project Team Member Evaluation
KAHR05LL Competency Development Planner
KAHR06LL Project Evaluator Code of Conduct
KAHR07LL Responsibility Assignment Matrix
IntegrationKAINTE01LL Project Charter Template
KAINTE02LL Project Plan Outline
KAINTE03LL Project Change Control
QualityKAQUAL01LL Project Evaluation Standards
KAQUAL02LL Good Business Practice
KAQUAL03LL System Validation Guidelines
KAQUAL03LL Project Audit Checklist
ProcurementKAPROC01LL Vendor Selector
KAPROC02LL Statement of Work
KAPROC03LL Service Level Agreement
KAPROC04LL Project Expense Report
RiskKARISK01LL Project Risk Inventory
KARISK02LL Project Risk Chart
ScopeKASCOP01LL Collaborative Learning Map (TELL)
KASCOP02LL Benchmarking Tool
KASCOP03LL Research Methods
TimeKATIME01LL Time Management Tips
KATIME02LL Time Management Planner
KATIME03LL Project Timeline
KATIME04LL Project Schedule