Lessons in Creativity

Creative Thinking is an inventive process that draws upon new concepts and ideas to improve things in the future. Creative thinking is optimistic, hopeful and best case oriented. Creative thinking is a key attribute of LL and embellishes "What If" scenarios to enable higher-order thoughts.

In contrast, Critical Thinking involves a complex set of cognitive skills and logical principles to reach a determination of the preferred solution. Critical thinking is neutral, negative or questioning in its problem-solving nature because its purpose is to identify gaps, alternatives or solutions. Developing a synergy between creative thinking and critical thinking is a unique blend. Both creative thinking and critical thinking are integrally important to lessons learned (LL).

When evaluation (judgment) in the form of critical thinking processes are applied to creative thinking, a natural output becomes Lessons in Creativity (LIC). In a sense, the Creative Thinker moves beyond subjective thoughts to an objective review of their thinking in the form of a LL.

LIC are beneficial for many reasons:
  • Being inherently positive, but at the same time realistic
  • Promoting better practices, while continuing to review good practices
  • Avoiding re-inventing the wheel; understanding the wheel can be improved

Examples of Lessons in Creativity

LIC represent those things that we are learn from our creative development efforts. A LIC represents a deliverable that has instrumental use. It is common for utilization to be in the area of training (i.e., competency development and capacity building). For example, a LIC could be a game (interactive activity) multi-dimensional view of a network diagram (visualization).

This page will present some examples of NewMedia LIC I have personally worked on, i.e., Project Management Training Games for PMI's PMP and CAPM exam preparation or come across (public domain). Items posted are free to download and reuse. Note: Music for multi-media has been created by me as it is a personal hobby.

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Visualization & Presentation
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Competency Development / Capacity Building
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Music for Multimedia - Composed by Willis Thomas
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Visual Basic Widget Textbox. Scroll Text within a
PowerPoint Slide when in Slideshow Mode
Project Mgmt. Jeopardy Part I And So On
Circuit Series backgrounds , media viewers and graphics. Project Mgmt. Jeopardy Part II Human Computer Interaction
1. PowerPoint Horizontal Index Tabs Process Groups Who Wants to be an Evaluationaire? Dancing Hyena
2. PowerPoint Vertical Index Tabs Process Groups Project Management Tic-Tac-Toe Hemisphere
I. PowerPoint Horizontal Index Tabs Knowledge Areas Smarter Than a 5th Grader Hard Sponge
II. PowerPoint Vertical Index Tabs Knowledge Areas What's My Status? Project Dashboard Exercise Eastern Sunrise
Capture Frames from Video-DVD Body Language - You Think I am Saying What?! Scratch My Back
Project Management Folder Icons Knowledge Areas and Process Groups Word Search Puzzle Pachelbel's Canon Revisited
Project Management Status Icons Knowledge Areas and Process Groups
Crossword Puzzle
GANTT for PowerPoint Project Management Formulas Match Exercise Pumpkin Patch
Project Team Member Presentation Skills Evaluation 31 Points Two Steps Backwards
PowerPoint Drag & Drop Project Management Checkers Green Tea
Lessons Learned Project Calendar 50x33 Inch PM Puzzle Template for Breakout Activity
Stop and Go Icons for ADM Network Diagrams Project Management Go Fish
Stop and Go Icons for PDM Network Diagrams Project Management Charades
ROI Calculator for Computer and Software Validation Project Management Forumula Worksheet for
Application and Training
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