Case Studies


A case study is a qualitative research method used to examine real-life situations, which can provide supporting rationale for the application of new ideas. Case studies are used to prove theories and involve empirical inquiry.

Cases can help Project Team Members (PTMs) understand complex issues. LL is both an input to and output of a case study, whereby key lessons are elaborated upon to provide supporting details. PTMs should review case studies before conducting LL and to develop a case study after completing LL.

To develop a case study:
  • Select the case
  • Categorize the case, i.e., through process groups and knowledge areas
  • Define the research questions
  • Determine the lessons
  • Outline data and information gathering methods
  • Perform analysis
  • Conduct LL
The following case studies present an interesting study into LL. There are variations to the core them of "done right", "done wrong", or "could have been done differently". These documents are freely available through internet searches and are being provided for convenience.

Note: The new book coming out in 2011 presents other cases with analysis.