Information Sharing

Knowing what to Ask

The PTM must be able to address the following questions by asking, are the LL...
  • Sensitive or personal
  • Confidential, proprietary or Intellectual capital
  • Subject to copyrighting, patenting, trade marking or some other legal consideration, i.e., legal hold
  • Secured requiring password access and authorization to view
  • Available only to designated audiences by subscriber ID
  • Current, dated or outdated
  • Validated or verified
  • Representations of new knowledge
  • Unique
  • Specialized for a particular audience
  • Generalizable for various applications
  • Valuable in terms of potential to reduce risk, ensure safety or improve productivity
  • Understandable for the target audience
  • Concise summaries or extensive with many details
  • Accessible in electronic format on demand or paper-based
  • Intuitive and organized in a PM methodology, i.e., PMI Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • Represent project LL or some other form of LL
  • Summative documenting results or accountability
  • Formative for use in strategic planning, business continuity planning, disaster recovery planning or succession planning
  • Published elsewhere, i.e., trade journals or magazines

The objective of information sharing is to develop a compliant and secure communications strategy for LL. This strategy needs to take into account internal and external communications. Project team members (PTMs) have many communication options and channels to support information sharing of LL.