Technical Assistance

What is Technical Assistance?

Technical Assistance for lessons learned processes and systems involves providing information in the form of content, references or links that pertain to the implementation, administration, operation, and management of lessons learned. provides techical assistance through the following means:
  • Content available from, including:
    • Sound approaches based upon industry best practices
    • Articles and books
    • White papers
    • Frequently asked questions page
    • Glossary
  • Project Evaluation Resource Kit (PERK)
  • Key text: The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned by Willis H. Thomas ISBN-10: 1439872465; ISBN-13: 978-1439872468
  • Situation-specific consulting requirements
    • Training and development of project team members
How is Technical Assistance Differ from Technical Support? Technical Support involves the on-call and on-demand request for help to resolve a problem or issue. Technical support usually involves systems (hardware) and/or programs (software). To simplify technical support requirements, has standardized its program development on widely used technologies. Help with questions on applications software, i.e., MS Access should be directed to these vendor websites (e.g.,
Where is Technical Assistance Provided From?

Technical Assistance is specific to lessons learned processes and systems is provided from various locations depending upon requirements.

Here are some examples:

  • Initial inquiries are reviewed by Willis H. Thomas, PhD, CPT, PMP as the webmaster and are referred to the appropriate subject matter expert.
    • Content management solutions, customized forms and database development is supported by programmers abroad.
    • Systems integration work, i.e., MS SharePoint and MS Project is by provided by third-pary vendors who configure software solutions.
    • Consulting activities engage certified project managers (i.e., PMI or PRINCE2) who are professionals, such as university professors.
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