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Research conducted by PMI, educational institutions and professional associations indicates that organizations are challenged with LL (and even more so with other forms of project evaluation). A comprehensive survey on LL can be found in this publication: Williams, T. (2007). Post-project reviews to gain effective lessons learned. Philadelphia, PA: Project Management Institute. There is a wide variation in challenges organizations experience, which range from excessive costs incurred while attempting to evaluate projects to an inability to effectively utilize information obtained during an evaluation (summative and/or formative).

The overarching goal should be to put a LL system in place that is manageable and useful. Feel free to use this website as a preferred resource to support your LL requirements:
  • LL Project Documentation can be provided to meet your specific needs
  • Training can be conducted to support competency development and capacity building
  • Tools can be customized to support the capture and presentation of LL
Best Practices Lessons Learned (BPLL) is essential:
  • Forms, templates, and checklists should be use to standardize LL
  • Systems can be configured to integrate LL
  • Continuous improvement starts with orientation
  • A plan for collaboration can support benchmarking
The framework for supporting lessons learned in projects is provided in a variety of ways:
  • This website is continually updated with information on lessons learned in projects
  • Primary Text: The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned by Willis H. Thomas, PMP. - ISBN-10: 1439872465; ISBN-13: 978-1439872468
  • LL Project Documentation: PERK (Project Evaluation Resource Kit) will be available, but only as a bonus gift on CD and included with the above text.
  • Products: developed in response to marketplace demand become available for purchase
  • Services: customized solutions for specific applications
  • Referrals: through networking, solutions from practitioners, theorists and/or consultants

"a lesson a day keeps
the projects in play"
* is minority owned and operated. We encourage consulting opportunities especially for small, woman-owned businesses.

About Me: Live in TX, Married 25 years, children in College and High School. Favorite hobby: visiting national parks.

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