Capacity Building

Organizational Performance Improvement

Capacity building in the context of LL refers to organizational professional development in Project Management and Evaluation (PM&E). It is an ongoing process that involves competency development of employees as well as implementing and maturing supporting processes (i.e., project management methodology) and systems (LL database). Capacity building is directed towards enhancing an organization's performance in LL.

There are many benefits to building capacity within an organization:
  • Supports efficient and effective decision making processes
  • Streamlines projects, programs and portfolios
  • Improves policies, procedures and practices
  • Reduces operating costs (direct and indirect)
  • Enhances metrics reporting (quantitative) as well as qualitative analyses
  • Strengthens evaluation use (summative and formative)
What are the barriers to building capacity within an organization?
  • Sponsorship from senior management
  • Time allotment for employee training
  • Investment in employee development, i.e., attending conferences
  • Reporting on capacity building, i.e., relating it to quality initiatives, i.e., balanced scorecard
  • Determining the benefit to the organization (i.e., return on investment or payback period)

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