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Confidentiality Statement

After conducting a wide range of evaluations for more than 20 years, it is has been observed that people and organizations have all kinds of challenges with evaluations and running projects. These evaluation discussions can be very sensitive. Therefore, this website will not provide testimonials, consider links to paid-for advertisements, forward benchmarking data, discuss emails received (other than through very generalized FAQs), share contact lists, etc. to ensure privacy of its subscribers. Some websites have customer lists or share usage data, but not here for a variety of reasons. To further clarify, the content on this website presents solid content founded upon established principles in the PMBOK (millions of copies sold). It will continue to monitor best practices that come from professional associations, such as represented under Resources|Associations.

Lessons in Creativity Content

The content displayed at Support|Lessons in Creativity is available free of charge and designed to support primarily:
  • Visualization and Presentation and
  • Multimedia development
These resources may be used only by the individual or organization that downloads the file. It can not be re-transmitted. There are many reasons for this, i.e., this website is very secure and much effort goes into virus protection. Re-transmission can create concerns when you don't know where files are coming from. If others want the file, then please send them a link where to download.

Visualization and Presentation resources may be used, but not resold or incorporated into a product for direct sale. Where practical, please credit lessonslearned.info as the source.

Music for Multimedia may not be modified in any way from its initial state, i.e., length, changing sounds, adding tracks, etc. However, the music may be looped to play continuously, i.e., for a training session. Music for Multimedia may be used only for personal or professional presentations provided lessonslearned.info is noted in the credits where feasible, i.e., at the end of a PowerPoint presentation. Music for Multimedia may not be used for any reason or any form where controversial, political or human physical interactions are being communicated. Music for Multimedia can be used for non-advertising, i.e., in-house videos, e-learning programs, multimedia, presentations, etc. Music for Multimedia can not be resold or incorporated in a program that is for direct sale.

Public Courses and Content Reuse

If you desire to teach content, i.e., public courses using information from this website (lessonslearned.info), content from within in the book, i.e., the models or figures, title of the text "The Basics of Project Evaluation and Lessons Learned" (including the PERK), or resemblances, i.e., context represented on the front or back cover of the book, it must be pre-approved in writing by Willis H. Thomas and in some cases the publisher: Productivity Press, NY. For those public courses which are approved by lessonslearned.info and the publisher, book discounts are available.

Internal Reuse of Content to Gain Buy-in for Lessons Learned

If you desire to copy content verbatim from this website in order to garner support for lessons learned or support internal discussions regarding lessons learned, you may be quoting this site. It is important that lessonslearned.info is not misquoted. Please notify us by email if you need to copy content or require support to justify the value of project lessons learned.