Competency Development

A Demonstrated Ability

Competency is the demonstrated ability of an individual to perform a task and is based upon defined criteria:
  • Previous work experience
  • Past performance
  • Education
  • Job evaluation
  • Assessment, certification or credential
Considerations regarding competencies in the context of project evaluation:
  • Competency development is the learning and development process and program that supports a project evaluator's education plan.
  • A competency development framework (CDF) outlines the desired
    • Skills, Talent, Aptitude, Capabilities and Knowledge (STACK).
  • Level of competency refers to the level of experience and/or expertise
    • Directly related to performing project evaluation related tasks

Behavioral and Technical Competencies

Behavioral (ART): Personality, Intuition, Language and Emotions (PILE) that are necessary to enable acceptance of the person to perform the work required. Note: Language includes any characteristic that impacts communication, i.e., body language (non-verbal).

Examples include:
  • Effective Listening
  • Teaming for Collaboration
  • Networking for Best Practices
Technical (SCIENCE): Skills, Talent, Aptitude, Capabilities and Knowledge (STACK) that are required to perform the work required.

Examples include:
  • Designing e-learning
  • Delivering Evaluation Training
  • Managing Project Schedules

Do You have the Desired Competencies for Project Evaluation?

One test that can help an organization determine if they have the desired competencies for project evaluation is how lessons learned are being utilized. In other words, how many home-runs, touch-downs, goals or points are being scored in the area of project evaluation in the context of lessons learned.

As an organization matures, they utilize lessons learned by transferring them to a variey of systems, such as:
  • Knowledge management
  • Documentation management
  • Human resources information systems
  • Electronic performance support systems

The best way to develop competencies for individuals is through training and performing the work. The return on investment is significant.