Lessons Learned Repositories

Five Classes of Repositories

There are primarily five classifications of Lessons Learned Repositories (LLRs):
  • Capture utilities, i.e., web-based forms and pages
  • Storage and retrieval systems, i.e., MS SharePoint and use of folders
  • Management and tracking systems, i.e., MS Project and use of dashboards
  • Shared systems, i.e., Documentum for documentation, or SAP for monitoring or compliance
  • Dedicated systems, i.e., lessons learned server or portal

Capture Utilities

Click here to see an example of a web-based LLR.

The thumbnail picture above is a sophisticated .CSS form that can be used to capture lessons real-time through a website. The contributor can use their desktop, laptop or mobile phone. This .CSS form has dropdown fields and captures lessons in three categories: done right, could have been done differently and done wrong across the entire project life cyle (initiating, planning, executing and closin
What is Neutrality?

Monitoring/controlling activities are also captured. Knowledge areas are captured across the process groups. The users name email and phone number are captured by the form. When the contributor clicks submit, the record is sent to a designated email address, i.e., SharePoint administrator who can store lessons. A macro can also be set up to automatically import lessons into a knowledge management system. This process of automating and simplifying the capture of lessons ensures success.