Make Meetings A Flexible Learning Exchange

A LL meeting (in-person or virtual) is a recurring discussion between two or more project team members (PTMs) for the purpose of:
  • establishing priorities
  • soliciting input
  • providing feedback
  • confirming information
  • confronting issues
  • negotiating circumstances
  • discussing lessons
LL should be considered when conducting the following types of meetings:
  • Tactical Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Project Planning, including kickoff, status and progress
  • Event Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
LL can also occur in other meeting situations, which are classified as Interactive sessions, events that increase LL experiential learning of project team members (PTMs). These include, but are not limited to:
  • Games
  • Role Plays
  • Case Study Review
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Simulations
  • Group Outings
  • Team building
  • Pilots
LL meetings should ideally conserve:
  • time
  • people
  • systems
  • materials

Outward Bound and Ropes Courses

Outward bound sessions, also referred to as ropes courses may involved fun and challenging recreational experiences. GPS devices and scavenger hunt activities have also proven successful in transferring learning experiences.

These light-duty, somewhat physical sessions are a form of engagement that may occur after LL training to emphasize points covered during the meeting as well as reduce stress. It may include members beyond the project team, i.e., sponsors or stakeholders and support awareness and thereby commitment to LL.

To ensure the success of an outdoors LL meeting, more preparation should include the following:
  • agenda
  • a summary status of LL activities as appropriate
  • safety precautions
  • seamless communications