Supplemental Resources

This pages provides a list to supplemental resources that are available to subscribers. As someone who purchased the book, I am making these products freely available to you. Services require development and may be bundled with a project.

FREE PRODUCTS (These items are already developed and ready for you to use)

Project Evaluation Resource Kit (PERK) are forms for use with Lessons Learned (provides some suggestions on using forms - it will be completed in February 2013 with updates to PMBOK 5th Ed.). New forms will also be downloadable.

AVAILABLE PRODUCTS (These items require special provisions)

(These items require customization to meet your needs and are handled as projects)

  • The project evaluator assessment is something project team members can take to check your project evaluation knowledge. Click here for a project evaluator assessment
  • The role plays are something that can be used to help project team members become more comfortable with conducting lessons learned with key stakeholders and SMEs: Click here for a role play
  • The Tic-tac-toe game is another way in which to quiz project team members. Click here for the game
  • The scenarios represent an awareness exercise and are used to promote interest in conduct lessons learned. Click here for a scenario
  • The Knowledge Check for External Resources (i.e., vendors) is something that can be constructed for vendors to close gaps they may have on project retrospectives, i.e., you are working in an Agile Software development environment. This is custom development. Click here for a knowledge check for external resources